Men are from Mars Womem are from Venus

We’ve all heard of the book “men are from mars women are from venus” , I always though this book was bogus until a good friend of mine suggested it. I read a few chapters and my mind was blown. The more I travel down this relationship path the more I realize how different men and women really think. For example my prince charming fell asleep early one night and I didnt get to talk to him, no big deal really but if it were me that was to fall asleep early I would call him when I realized I was getting sleepy. Simple things as that can become misconstrewed into a huge misunderstanding.

Relationships aren’t necessarily about understanding each other but being able to put yourself in your partners shoes. We all go through different experiences in life that help to shape our perceptions on every aspect of the world, relationships included. For me I was taught growing up that if you told someone you were going to do something you did it or let them know in a timely manor that you werent going to do it. Going back to the prince falling asleep early, in my eyes he said he was going to call and didnt do so, thats inconsiderate. But because I understand that everyone sees the world through different eyes I didnt blow it into something it didnt need to be.

I’m not saying that we dont all swerve to miss the high road sometimes and act like children but why waste time accusing and assuming when you could spend time growing and loving. Arguements happen thats a give in with any relationship but dont be defensive and try to see where your partner stands, as well as show them where you stand and why you stand there. Communication is key.

I’ve recently learned if your partner isnt meeting your needs and your happiness tank is running low then you need to speak up. Most likely they don’t even realize they arent meeting that need. For example, typically I’m not a cheesy, romantic, kind of girl, but occasionally when the chaos that is my life gets overwhleming it would be nice to hear some sweet encouraging words without having to prompt it.

A lot of miscommunication seems to run on the fear of losing the relationship but the reality is if your needs ends the relationship it was never right for you to begin with, unless your needs are louis vitton bags and range rovers, then your just being greedy.

All little girls are raised on the fantasy of disney princesses. Cinderlla walked on broken glass, Aurora let a whole lifetime pass, Jasmine married a common thief, Ariel walked on land for love, Snow White barely escaped a knife, because love means facing your biggest fears.

Love is an adventure and with it come conflict, you have to know if your ready to face that conflict.



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