There’s nothing to fear but fear itself

A lot of decisions heart ache in the world are based upon is caused by fear: divorce,war,abortion, murder, suicide. The Fear can genereate from several different places but a lot of time it gerenates from the past (fear of history repeating) and from the future (fear of the unknown).  I’m just as guilty of living in these fears as the next person but I’ve worked so hard over the past year to control the fear instead of letting it control me. I have a hard time understanding why people let potentially wonderful things be ruined by a fear of something they can’t possibley predict.

Insecurities draw from fears, I feel thats why the word monogomy has become a myth in modern day society. People are so scared to end up alone they can’t put all there trust/love/happiness/life into one persons hands for fear that the one person may crush them. But what if we could see into the future and we saw tha one person still standing strong beside us in old age, we would regret all the time we wasted holding back and letting fear control our lives.

Every choice we make ripples and affects more than just ourselves, so when we let these fears take over our lives, it can disrupt the lives of those that we care about the most, pushing them further away from us when we really need them to be closer than ever.

So how do we keep the waters calm and stop creating waves, theres no exact remedy or formula to follow. The best way to be happy and beat the fear is to live in the moment, the minute to minute days, months and years. The only way to beat the fear is to conquer it by facing it every step of the way. I live every day trying to be rational and clear headed, every so often fear trips me up and I stumble but instead of getting caught up in the damage I grow above it so I can jump that hurdle if it ever approaches me again.


One thought on “There’s nothing to fear but fear itself

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