Mirror mirror on the wall

Today’s world brings a whole new level to hate, judgement, bullying and negativity. Facebook opens your world to anyone who knows how to work a computer. So why do we continue to endulge in the social medias that bring so much unessecary and unwanted drama to our lives.

True to my last post I completely believe fear drives alot of our actions including actions done out of jealousy. Let me tell you a little story……

Once upon a time there was a self sufficent, indepedant, brave princess. She was being courted by a kind, compassionate, adventurous prince, and thus far they were living happily ever after. Until the evil queen voiced her opinion where it was not asked for. The evil queen sat at her computer screen summoning up photos and tagged posts of the princess. Jealousy in her eyes she took her rage out on the prince hoping to persuade him against his princess. What the evil queen didnt realize was that the princess was more cunning than the queen thought. The princess deactivated the facebook portal and put an end to the queeens creeping sessions.

The Princess knew this wasnt the end of the queens jealous rampage to rid the princes world of the princess, but for now she broke the queens connections to her.

We easily forget how mortal we are, we willingly put our lives on the internet for anyone to search. Yes there are privacy settings but those settings can only protect you to a certain extent. While the princess was in no immediate danger, the queens actions reminded her how easy it is to be stalked when you make your life an open book.

Twitter,Instagram,Facebook,Vine, Tumblr, and other various social medias allow just about anyone into our life, there are bound to be haters and jealous people, the important thing to remember s it’s our life not theirs and as long as your happy with what your doing those negative people have no room to place judgements. And when they do it’s up to us to remember it’s out of their fear and insecurities that they are acting on.


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