Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Looking over the the cliff of McAfee’s knob I felt like I could see into the next state. We took in the beauty and inhaled the fresh air then prepared to hike to the camp site. As we set up our accommodations for the night the sun began to dip lower in the sky, the lower it got the quieter the world became. When darkness blanketed the sky there wasn’t a single peep to be heard. I had never felt such serenity and peace as I did that night. Temperatures began to drop but nothing could take away the calm feeling washing over me in the quiet air of the woods. 

Crawling into my sleeping bag I looked up at the stars shining so bright I mistook them for airplanes. Cuddling is virtually impossible in 30 degree weather but huddling close to him I felt safer and more confident in where my life is heading than ever before. Life tends to get busy and some days it takes everything I have to keep focus on the important tasks at hand. But in that moment my happiness felt like the only task that needed tending to. 

We woke up the next more to 27 degrees and the most beautiful sunrise I have ever witnessed, it was like the world was just starting to wake up. We packed out camp and headed back to the real world. The closer we got to the car the more I wished we were back in our sleeping bags away from the hustle of life. 

As humans we tend to get caught up in daily stresses and forget the amazing experiences that we are given. There are certain responsibilities that must be taken care of but if we can bring ourselves back to a state of pure happiness like I was on the mountain life could be a lot more enjoyable.


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