In that moment we were infinite

I’m a big literary nerd to say the least, I love living in the romance of two fictional characters. Most people are surprised by this because I’m more of a realist than a romantic. But in a world full of confusion, mixed signals, heartache and pain, it’s nice to escape into a happy ending every so often.

The trick to these stories is not getting so wrapped up in them that you begin comparing your life to them. While I would love to be swept away to a glamorous Gatsby party on east egg, the reality settles in, there’s no glamor in getting hitting by drunk men in a bar. But what this reality does do is make you appreciate what you have that much more.

No my prince charming isn’t the best communicator, or always the most romantic, but he is a gentleman and treats me like a queen. That’s more than I can say about a lot of women and the men they actually married.

We’ve been going through some bumpy roads thanks to the evil queen afore mentioned in previous blogs. There have been times where I wish this were a fiction story so what I wished could happen would come true. But wishful thinking gets me nowhere, so being the realistic ray of sunshine I am, I look at what I see. It’s messy and incoherent sometimes, other times its beautiful and hopeful, but no matter what it’s my fairy tale. I’ll never have a love like Romeo and Juliet or Katniss and Peeta. But even those couples faced some pretty serious bumps in the road, actually my problems look more like a fairy tale than any of theirs.

So while I love a great love story, the stories also teach me that love isn’t suppose to be easy, it’s suppose to be hard because the best things in life are worth the fight and the wait. There’s also never going to be a relationship that you can compare to anything else, they’re like snowflakes, all different and all beautiful in their own way.



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