The extinction on consideration

A lot of times I feel like people are mean or hateful, I get my feelings hurt, maybe shed a tear or two and continue to wonder why. Reports of bullying increase daily and more people, kids and adults alike, feel inferior, inadequate or worthless. Its an awful feeling to truely believe in your heart that the world wouldn’t miss you… one should feel that way. The more I think about it though, the more I wonder if maybe the act of consideration is fading day by day. For example, when I see someone is behind me at the store I take the time to hold the door open. More often than not people will disregard everyone else and walk on into the store. Here’s my theory about it , while I may have emense consideration for others, my expectation for the same consideration in return is setting me up to be hurt. This doesn’t excuse others behaviors but its damn near impossible to change someone els . But I can change my way of thinking. This upset me for a few reasons. I want to have faith in humanity and mankind but its not possible to have absolutely no expectations and still keep that hope alive. The other reason this theory concerns me is , when did it become acceptable to project your misery or talk down to others. It may be the way I was raised but in my family you never took your aggression out on someone else just to feel better, especially if they were not the source of the aggression. Although I have this theory it will never change the fact that I will continue to have consideration for others. That’s the way my mother raised me, to always have compassion and be understanding of others situation. While I realize everyone is brought up differently I still strongly believe that blaintly being rude, hateful or selfish is in most situations uncalled for.

#selfworth #fillothersbucket


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