Girl Brain

Ladies, we are all guilty of it……that mind frame that causes us to be presumptuous and down right self sabotaging. I for one am guilty of this more often than not, and while in girl brain I feel fully justified in my actions……then I step back for a moment and see the bigger picture. I see that it makes me selfish and spoiled, I see that I feel that whoever my girl brain is targeting should bend to my will or they are doing me wrong. Then I see how self absorbed this is.

If you aren’t familiar with girl brain, it’s when something burros it’s way into our minds, plays on our emotions and distorts reality. For me recently it’s been this nagging voices that tells me my boyfriend doesn’t consider me a priority because he has been busier at work than usual. As an outsider you may be having several different thoughts, one may be that he is only saying he has been busier but realy just does not want to be tied down by our relationship…..THAT’S GIRL BRAIN!! unless your certain that it’s going down like that never make assumptions. Girl brain feeds on assumptions and only gets stronger from them.

Girl brain can be useful, don’t get me wrong, it helps us self preserve in the right situations. However when the situation you are in has never given you reason to question or expect the worst ( like no lies within the last 3 years as in my situation) girl brain does nothing but shoot us in the foot.

So how do we stop girl brain? The jury is still out and I fully plan to market my cure once I discover it! But as for now I feel the best way to avoid girl brain is stay true to yourself. I find that when I try to act like a cold jerk my girl brain picks up on it and takes residence inside my mind until it’s job of screwing me over is complete. I’m a caring person, if someone I love has a bad day I want to hear about it so I can be that comfort or support for them, but society tells me that I should be put first no matter what, so instead of worrying about my loved ones busy day, I complain that he didn’t talk to me enough through out the day.

Girls, Don’t play into what society says your relationships should be. No relationship is “ideal”, but if that person makes you happy and makes you the best version of yourself, work hard for it, put all your eggs in that basket without being terrified of failing. Life will happen one way or another, it’s just a matter of if your going to take the time to enjoy it or let girl brain make you miserable throughout the course of it.



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