Welcome to my soap box

I try to stay away from my soap box, I’m not a person who releases my frustration on the world through social media. I’m a firm believer in “to each his own”. As long as your decisions are not affecting me then they are your decisions alone to make. Recently a “friend” on facebook came out as bisexual. I imagine the power it took to do that was hard to muster up. I went to high school with this person and during those times that person was very outspoken and not scared to voice their opinions about anything, so this newly found sexuality kind of surprised me. Again let me reiterate, to each his own, I have no problem with anyone’s sexuality because that is your cross to bear not mine. However when every post becomes focused on the fact that anyone who doesn’t support LGBT is the the worst person on earth, I start becoming less empathetic. I imagine that it is frustrating to live a life many people don’t acknowledge or condon however that is their right to CHOOSE to support it or not. By judging those people you are placing yourself in the same position as them. You are doing exactly what you are mad at them for doing.

I strongly feel that this is one of the wicked reasons this world has become such as scary place. Instead  of respecting the fact that everyone is entitled to their opinion, people tend to take a side and spend all of their time and energy proving how their side is right and the other side is wrong. I personally am a deeply rooted christian, we fill our home with God’s love. I by no means feel that people who do not believe in God are any less of a human being than I am. However many of those people that I give respect to will judge me for my faith. For me, judgement of others doesn’t impact how I live my life, I will still choose what is best for me and my family. This doesn’t mean that those judgements don’t leave an impression on me.

My challenge for myself and others is to try to stop yourself when you begin to judge others for their choices or opinions. At the end of the day whether you agree with it or not everyone is entitled to their opinions, who am I to make judgements. Wake up everyday and do what you feel in your heart is the right thing. If you can do this than those judgements will just melt away!


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