The War Within

Weekly visits to the counselor, monthly visits to the doctor, daily breathing exercises (usually multiple times through out the day), getting up at 4am to be at the gym by 5am, bed by 8pm to ensure adequate sleep, rigid eating schedule……This is what my defense against PTSD looks like. It’s a daily battle I get […]

It’s okay…..But It’s not

It’s hard right…..being stuck in the maze of your own mind……screaming for understanding……pleading to be seen as more than just crazy. PTSD, 4 “simple” letters yet so powerful. I should mention simple doesn’t exist for those with PTSD, nothing is simple after enduring something that changes your whole view on the world and life in […]

The extinction on consideration

A lot of times I feel like people are mean or hateful, I get my feelings hurt, maybe shed a tear or two and continue to wonder why. Reports of bullying increase daily and more people, kids and adults alike, feel inferior, inadequate or worthless. Its an awful feeling to truely believe in your heart […]